Facebook’s other fear

Away from the talk of how useful Facebook’s new Graph Search will eventually prove to be, this rather dream-like video promoting the service also caught my eye.

It suggests Facebook is as much afraid of the growing misconception of digital dualism, as it is of being seen to invade privacy.

The advert encourages the idea that people who use Facebook are also more social away from the site.

The fundamentally flawed notion that the ‘real-world’ is different and separate to the ‘virtual’ one overlooks the fact the two have always been integrated.

As this advert sets out to make clear, there’s no such thing as complete disconnection.

Facebook is still driving the behaviour and how we experience the world.

We’re still looking at the outdoors as a potential update to share later.

The idea it’s a zero-sum game and time spent on Facebook detracts from time spent in the ‘real-world’ is, as this video aims to demonstrate, fundamentally flawed.